Photo: Cameron Jamieson

Photo: Cameron Jamieson

KIAZMA brings together the talents and infectious musical chemistry of pianists Tomoe Kawabata and Aura Go.  The pair met as students at the Australian National Academy of Music in 2007, coming together for numerous projects before officially launching as a duo in 2015. Equally at home in two-piano and four-hand repertoire from the baroque to the present day, KIAZMA is passionate about sharing the unique combination of intimacy, intricacy and dynamism that each genre has to offer. They have recorded a highly-praised CD, Five Rocks in a Japanese Garden, which features first performances of works by five of Japan’s foremost contemporary composers. KIAZMA delights in exploring new, rarely-performed and undervalued repertoire as well as bringing their distinctly fresh approach to much-loved staples of the repertoire. As ANAM Artists in 2018, KIAZMA presented a regional tour of four-hand works including Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.

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"The most dedicated audience members stayed on for a precious event: Aura Go and Tomoe Kawabata’s late-night performance of Messiaen’s Visions de l’Amen for two pianos. [...] Go and Kawabata’s performance was positively ecstatic. Locked on to each other’s gaze across the bodies of the two grand pianos, sweat dripping onto the keyboards, each movement was a masterful, sensitive interpretation of Messiaen’s understanding of the polyvalent “Amen”. Returning to this work composed shortly after the Second World War, at the dawn of the experiments in form, rhythm, pitch, and timbre we call “contemporary music,” was the perfect nightcap for a thrilling festival." - Full review on Partial Durations, May 2016

"These two young pianists were positively riveting in a work that offered huge rewards for the listener. [...] profoundly moving, subtle and often exuberant interpretation of another Messiaen masterpiece." - Full review on Classic Melbourne, May 2016