Currently in development, ONE SPACE ONE is a new interdisciplinary work created by pianists Aura Go and Tomoe Kawabata (KIAZMA Piano Duo), dancer/choreographer Kristina Chan and director/designer Clare Britton. Through a deeply collaborative dialogue, the work explores the personal and intimately nuanced sound-world of musicians working in close partnership at the same instrument, who share both a physical and an imaginative space. Core principles of communication through deep listening give birth to sound and movement that unfold incrementally, gently attuning our collective attention to qualities of sound, resonance and decay that evolve, and eventually transform the energy and atmosphere of our shared space.

Aura Go piano / sound
Tomoe Kawabata piano / sound
Kristina Chan movement
Clare Britton director
Madeleine Flynn sound consultant
Michaela Coventry creative producer

This work is being developed through the Musica Viva FutureMakers Program with support from Monash Academy of Performing Arts and the Australia Council.


First development, April 2019. Film by Angus Kemp.